sly slick james jackson jr 3rd - Matthew Gonzales: I'm not angry, just frustrated (Short)


Video of full season comedy web series ‘I’m not angry, just frustrated starring Matthew Gonzales.
Filmed and edited with 2 cell phones and the Viva Video app here is the full season of ‘ I’m not angry, just frustrated’ web series. Watch and see how all the episodes come together to make a short film.
Main, supporting, principal and actor roles played by Matthew Gonzales
Filmed, directed, edited and written by actor Matthew Gonzales
Produced by Gmatte Productions.

Jookie Jam
Hotskull Henry
Sly Slick James Jackson jr 3rd
Sir Lorde Charles
Crying Chris
Officer Lennox
Song credits
Go-Go wine – Vybz Kartel
Smiling Faces – The undisputed Truth
Heaven Sent – Zawles


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